Articles, XOOPs article manager version 0.16 released

Date 2004/8/13 6:31:18 | Topic: Modules

Version 0.16 of my XOOPS module, Articles has been released and can be downloaded from the download area of my web site.

Changes since last public release (v0.12):

o Added support for XOOPs internal notification system for new articles.
o An error message will now be shown if an article doesn't exist.
o Added two more popular and latest articles blocks. These are meant more for being shown in the central area, rather than the sides.
o Fixed a bug in the comments title.
o Changed "email to friend" feature to use XOOPs' internal mailer system.

There are no database changes from v0.12, so if you are updating from version v0.12 or later, then all you need do is upload and over-write existing files.

If you are updating from a version earlier than v0.12, then the database will have to be updated first. Please see the docs/UPDATE.txt file for more details.

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