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Date 2004/7/15 10:27:22 | Topic: Developer News

We have advertised for module developers joining, but the process of registering has been quite full of obstacles.

Now that has changed.

Starting today, registrations on are open, however you will not be able to participate in the developer discussions until you are connected to a project. Gaining access can be achieved in two ways:

a) Register and start your own project
b) Register and contact an existing project, you want to be a part of and ask the project admin to add you to that project

Once your project is approved or you have been added to a project, you will have full access to the developer discussions.

The XOOPS Development Forge is a place focused on collaborative development, so we ask that you have at least some experience in development and can contribute in earnest to a development project. For those of you who want to learn (from near zero), please watch the dev site wiki, that's where the development info will be made publicly available. One of the goals is to make that a valuable resource for everyone to learn XOOPS module development.

See you there

XOOPS Module Development Team Leader

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