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Date 2004/7/12 15:30:25 | Topic: XOOPS

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We are proudly announcing that the Xoops China Community Site has been authorized as an Official XOOPS Support Site

As a Xoops Simplified Chinese Support site, the site would be dedicated to but not limited to giving XOOPS support in Simplified Chinese.

Encouraged by the Xoops Chinese sites' great work, such as,, we would contribute to Xoops China Community:
1 up-to-date translation of Official Xoops News/Annoucement
2 deliver/translation of Xoops core/modules release
3 development of Xoops modules
4 Xoops promotion by technical support and free hosting service
An enthusiastic and active Xoops China Community support team has been/is being built:
Ambassador to karuna, phppp
webmasters: webmaster, D.J.
technical support lead: service (from Hongkong)
documentation lead: karuna
dev lead: D.J. (phppp)
You are always welcome to join the support team !

Site Of The Week: at this moment, "Site Of The Week" is being recruited at Xoops China Community Site for demonstrating Xoops and showing off Chinese Xoops sites :).

welcome to the XOOP China Community Site
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