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Date 2004/5/30 13:57:45 | Topic: YAXS

A user from Nepal has submitted a XOOPS powered site in hopes of uniting and educating his countrymen and woman in one easy to find spot.

It is the site authours hope to bring a new perspective of technology that may have been otherwise hard to find or access in his particular corner of the globe.


You can read his story below.


I dwell in the land of mountains called NEPAL. Our country is very poor day by day. Though I've tried some initiatives to show our people that what other third world countries are doing in the perspective of technology.

They don't have good knowledge of searching things, so I created this site which will show them computer related news in one place if they want.

The site can be found at

This site is just made. I hope that advance user find it very pity and miserable but this pity thing is doing great work of providing regular computer news stuff to it's audience. Please review it and help me improve it more in sensible manner.

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