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Date 2004/5/23 14:09:42 | Topic: Modules

Google, which runs the Web's premier search site, has purchased Pyra Labs, who own the Blogger software, which makes it possible to create free and simply on line its Internet site alone or has several without maitrîse necessary language HTML. This site presented in the form of a weblog (site gathering articles, and personal information) or the author can store, file, to publish all that has its eyes can be of an interest, even to provide it to the greatest number (of people) or to a group of restricted friends.

After having to test this service with the first abort I found Ca rather funny and really well foutu! When I realized that there was a system of template and that one could upload the files on the waiter since blogger, I said myself ha too cool the trick and in less 5 min the module is created, at least at the fine bottom of my brain. After having to spend a few hours at it, I finished a premiere version, which you can see here same, the comments and files are to managed by popup, and I have to optimize the trick in order to it integrate with the theme used by xoops and I have it A can pret francized. In made what remains in English they is all what is impossible to change since it is on the waiter of Same remark for the page which is useful has poster the comments...

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