New version of Liaise, featuring unlimited contact forms

Date 2004/5/6 7:00:32 | Topic: Modules

Liaise 1.2 is just released. This new version offers multiple contact forms for different groups of users and receivers, and a list of new features:
- Customizable form settings, including group permissions, send the form via email/private message and additional text description for each form.
- Cloneable forms and form elements
- Form elements can be duplicated among all forms
- Text prefix/suffix for required fields
- Customizable text for submit buttons
- New element for displaying plain text, html tags or xoopscode in the form
- More flexible Smarty templates
For those who don't know what Liaise does, it is a module for creating "contact us" forms, provides customizable form elements such as check boxes and radio buttons for webmasters to create as many contact forms as they like.

Download Liaise 1.2 | Liaise home page

Upgrading from version 1.x
An upgrade script for version 1.x is included since the database structure is modified in this new version. If you are using version 1.x of Liaise, please read and follow the instruction in the file "UPGRADE.txt" before upgrading.

A technical view of Liaise
Liaise is the very first unofficial XOOPS module that completely follow the XOOPS object-oriented standards, programmed by extending the kernel classes such as XoopsObject and XoopsObjectHandler and generates contact forms by the implementations to utilize the XoopsForm library, XoopsMailer and XoopsGroupPermHandler.

What's the advantage of coding a module in this way?
With the integration of the XOOPS core, developers can add more features to their modules with less code, make the code look more cleaner and easier to debug as result of not needing to put duplicated program code (e.g. sql statements) in all the files.

Download Liaise 1.2 | Liaise home page

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