Xoops Teamspeak Module Updated!!

Date 2004/5/3 9:41:34 | Topic: Modules

This is the updated version of the Teamspeak Module that I have ported over. There are going to be a few different changes that I will be making over the next few days, so there will be updates!!

**Release Note:

Version V2.4 is updated to the latest authors code.
Also, make sure that you edit the xoopsroot/modules/xoops_teamspeak/config.php & xoopsroot/modules/xoops_teamspeak/admin/config.php files with your database connection information.

Updated all files to work with xoops themes.

You can get it at my site, http://www.tswn.com, in the downloads section of course!

Tim aka talunceford

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