Xoops BFSTATS (select(bf)) Released..... v 1.0

Date 2004/3/23 16:28:57 | Topic: Modules

Do you have a Xoops site? Do you play BF1942, Desert Combat, Forgotten Hope, or any mods for BF1942? Do you need a means of tracking stats and would like to have them templated into your site? You are in luck. I have just released the modulated version of select(bf). This is a basic wrap of the original software, but incorps some of xoops security when accessing the admin menu. This is just the first release of this module, so if you have a bug or anything of that nature, please post it on our bug reporting system, or simply post it in the forums. Please make sure that you read the "HELP" that is accessable via the admin menu for Xoops BFSTATS, it explains the initial configuration of the config file.

You can see it in action here.

You can download it from our downloads section.

Thanks to the Xoops devs for making such a great piece of software!!!

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