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Date 2004/3/18 18:19:17 | Topic: Modules

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I have been running the Who's Online block on my site for quite a while, and in that time I have recieved several requests asking what the block was called. I felt there might've been some confusion as there is already a system block called Who's Online, and thought this would help distinguish these two blocks a bit more. This is a re-release of the Who's Online block with a few minor differences, and with the new name of Online History.
These differences are;

(1) I have removed the use of all graphic images in the display block as they produce two HTTP requests when loading, and don't attribute a great deal in my opinion to the overall visual effect of the site.

(2) I have renamed the block, and all references to the Who's Online block to Online History. I also created a new image that is displayed in the modules section of your Xoops site admin area which can be seen above.

You can download the Online History block from >>IT Headquarters<<

Note: If you already have the Who's Online block installed, make sure you uninstall it prior to installation as both blocks use the same MySQL table!

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