A Soapbox debugging release

Date 2004/3/16 6:27:08 | Topic: Modules

Fellow xoopsers:

I've decided to distribute a release of Soapbox in an effort to have a wide base of users so we can iron out some recalcitrant bugs. A couple of very trusted users keep reporting problems I can't reproduce in my two test machines, so I'm resorting to the XOOPS community for help finding the critters. That's why I call this a debugging release, for its purpose is to squash as many as possible. After that's done, I'll rebuild the documentation.

If you just want the download links, go here:

Official XOOPS Development Site

If you want to know what's in it for you, keep reading...

What have I advanced in almost a month since the first version? I'd say a lot, but the specific changelog for this release includes the following changes (which I'd love you to put to test):

+ I think I've fixed the blocks stuff. The idea is this: you, as user, only see those blocks configured in blocks admin for you to see. And what do you see in those blocks? Well, only those articles that belong in columns you're authorized to see. I've checked and rechecked and in my installation it works. In carnuke's it doesn't. Does it work for you?
+ Rebuilt the templates so that now the styles are in an external file and are thus easier to change. This file is definitely not streamlined, but should make things a bit easier in case you want to change the look of the module.
+ Added more options in the user side: icons in the index and column files to "print" and "send to friend". The site manager sees also two more icons to "edit" and "delete".
+ Fixed a problem with the nonexistant autoteaser.
+ In the admin side, added a pack of very useful files that manage the module's blocks without leaving the module's environment (that is, without resorting to Admin > Blocks). These files were contributed (unknowingly) by GI Joe.
+ Please check if the module still crashes the browser often. It doesn't happen in my installation, but it might in yours... It does on at least a user's.
+ Fixed the search function so it works ok. Does it?
+ I believe I have finally gotten all language constants out of the code to make things easy on translators (but there could be still some lurking there).
+ Corrected a date bug in the "More articles by..." box.
+ Corrected (mostly, I think) the inclusion of images in the DHTML boxes.
+ Corrected (mostly, I think) the inclusion of apostrophes in text boxes.
+ Added the validation of language.
+ Etc.

Many things are still pending, and some more are not even in the horizon, so I won't bother you mentioning them. I would like, of course, to give xoopsers a clean product, so please use the facilites at the download site to ask questions, report bugs, ask for features and all that stuff, ok?


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