CSS Experiments using XOOPS

Date 2004/2/28 8:57:47 | Topic: Themes

hello to all..

come and visit http://yellowbyte.com

I've installed a blank css theme wanting u to download [download will be ready at the end of the weekend], play with css and send back your css [and own images] to display on that domain. You could change everything BUT NOT THE THEME.html and the image. You can add own images, sure! For sure you can change everything if you are not willing to send back css....

Perhaps we will find some persons who have knowledge in css and would love to give tips and hacks to us ? unsing css in combination with xoops. Whats new? all this, you will find on web. SURE! But i haven't seen a xoops site! One of my visitors of a website asked, or gives impression, if it is possible to do things like cssgarden.com with xoops. I've said NO two month ago .... Come and visit or give me your comments until download will be ready!
this will be an exercise for those of us, who are interested in develloping themes, or who have fun playing with css. Let's give the theme.html that job, it should do -> to give structure and content to a media. css will be responsible for the layout. Imagine you could serve different media with one theme just changing css. For example think to future possibilities to give your visitors possibility to connect your site and give specialized information by using pads, telefons, tvscreens, etc..

perhaps some of you followed my experiences last weeks, ever trying to make examples with css positioning and playing around with css. Dont't know if there's interest but otherwise that domain will be my personal playground. I've reset up an old domain to give you the possibility to take part. Always rembember that it is a beginning for me too using css. ITS AN EXPERIENCE! Never said that it would be best decision and choise to use css for such things in every case in real [www]live, but some of you know that i really love tables for displaying things.

please don't laugh at actual possibilities just to change colors, it will be possible to present a complete website layout using this template.

Anyone interested ? please give me your feedback!

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