ShortURLs 0.3 just released!

Date 2004/2/28 8:56:48 | Topic: Hacks

After taking a deep look at some modules out there, I decided to write ShortUrls from scratch and slightly change the way it works.

I added 'dynamic' support for other modules so you don't have to wait for me to release a version of the hack supporting your favorite module. This have a lot of advantages but may also have a few drawbacks I may be unware of.
I also corrected a few errors the previous version had with comments and some images, and made it possible for the hack to work if you are running Xoops from inside a dir.

The way this hack now works is by converting urls like:

Arguments are also converted, so for example: ... rev&topic_time=1077888891
becomes: ... opic_time-1077888891.html

As you can see, the later is a fully indexable url. This means even your forums will get indexed

For full details go here: ... e=flat&order=ASC&start=30

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