Soapbox has arrived!

Date 2004/2/18 22:18:09 | Topic: Modules

Fellow Xoopsers: I'm very happy to announce the release of Soapbox, a module to handle an editorial section within your XOOPS site. The module allows you to define columns and place articles under them, and to manage all this in a very friendly way. We could even say it has a hint of a magazine style. Download it from either of the following links: Soapbox v. 1.0 - RAR file: 854 kb Soapbox v. 1.0 - ZIP file: 863 kb Please read the following notes, as they are important.
1] The module is heavily based in Catzwolf's modules. Read more on the credits block within the documentation.

2] The module was built as an exercise to learn the craft of module making, in order to write in the near future a document on how to make a XOOPS module.

3] The module presents the community of module makers a model that we'd like you to follow with respect to documentation. For the moment the format is HTML, linked from the admin side.

4] If you like the module and intend to use it in a production place, a recommendation might be to take out the /help folder, which accounts to the lion's share of the module weight. You can keep the folder at the local level in case you need a reference. Of course this would mean losing the link in the production site, but the module would be much, much lighter.

I hope you like the module and the docs. I'd also appreciate any feedback about it.

Thanks and cheers.

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