URL Rewriting Mod for Xoops

Date 2004/2/18 8:12:37 | Topic: Hacks

Inspired by the famous Google Tap mod for phpNuke, I've just finished to implement a ModRewrite for URL rewriting in xoops.

This mod rewrites most important URLs into search engine-friendly URLs, removing query strings which are sources of problems. These rewritten URLs allow bots to crawl your website.
Due to high bandwith consumption with Google Tap and phpNuke (this mod works so well that google bot sometimes crawl 100.000 pages per month !),
I wrote a script which protects your bandwidth by forbidding bot crawling on URLs without your "WWW" subdomain, which is the main source of consumption (However, you may not use this script if you want).
This mod only needs roughly 10 lines to be put in header and footer of your xoops, so it's still easy to update xoops later.
I have tested it on Xoops,, and 2.0.6. It should work with next versions of xoops, or only a few changes will be necessary in the mod.

For the moment following modules are rewritten:
- Xoops articles
- Xoops downloads
- Xoops links
- Wfsection
- Several important blocks about site content
- Invision Power Board Module from bbpixel.com (V1.23, but it should work with V1.3 too)

You can see a full demo of the result on my website: www.bloodbowl-fr.com

And you can download the ZIP file here:

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