Date 2004/1/28 19:07:37 | Topic: XOOPS

not yet ready, I know, but perhaps YOU want to take part in which direction it will go. Have a look at XOOPSfacTorRY and see its going on...

I decided to go online while changing some more detailed things online. I think, i will give xoopsfactory another possibility to find a new destination.

I would love to see xoopsfactory as a portal for xoops commercial user. I will love to give potential clients an ability to see how much companies are using xoops for their commercial site. i#ve seen many sites comming up in the last month and some of them are great, but we had to put it together at one place i think.

But if this should work, i will need the help of those users who are interested or use xoops for commercial themselves.

I would love to see news of commercial interest, news of commercial webmaster interest, links to commercial projects all within xoops gathered at one [this] place.

As it works like things are in my head, there will be:
-links to commercial xoops sites
-links of interest for xoops commercial webmaster
-useful little tips
-jobsearch [services with xoops modules and themes]
-news about releases, experiences with xoops and implementation in client sites
- etc..

I will begin the next days to fit the needed modules. But ?.. WHAT is YOUR opinion ?

Are there ideas what to add as content? Which modules would be useful? What content would YOU like to see as a webmaster or admin of a commercial xoops site?

please comment


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