Lykos Googled 0.1

Date 2003/12/5 1:54:42 | Topic: Modules

Lykos Googled 0.1 - 04/12/03

This module displays the last listing in google of a certain search.
!!! The listing is provided by a third party website (, and you need to register there to get a listing.

----==== Requirement ====----

Xoops 2.05 or Greater
Account at

----==== Installing ====----

1. If you not already have one, sign up for an account at
2. Set up a search of your site title or url, and in feed settings, tick 'RSS Feed' and set the drop down to 'RSS 2.0'
3. Alter "modules/lykos_googled/cache/config.php" to the correct values for your "username" and "feed id" (either 1,2 or 3)
4. Upload the folder inside the zip to the Xoops modules folder.
5. Login to your site as Admin, go Admin ->Modules, install Lykos Googled.
----==== Bugs/Features ====----

----==== Needed ====----

A neat X2 style logo. (Chapi?)
Language translations

----==== To Do ====----

Admin config instead of manual entry
Block displaying latest listing

In the somewhat distant future I shall be programming an interface to the google API, and then the Google Alert account will not be needed.

----==== Credits/Thanks ====----

The XMLDocument, RSS and all others in the XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/modules/lykos_googled/include/activelink directory are written and provided by Active Link ( They are licensed under GPL.

ICQ: 41995361
AOL: lykoszinecouk

Download from (no registration needed). No example in action, cos my site is not running Xoops 2.05 yet. If some kind soul wants to install it and provide a link to a working version that would be cool.

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