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Date 2003/10/21 14:16:00 | Topic: Modules

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of XoopsGallery version There are a large number of bugfixes and enhancements in this release, and is highly recommended for all XoopsGallery users. This release represents a number of fixes posted by the XoopsGallery user community and a good number of others fixed by yours truly. This is my first contribution of significance to the XOOPS community, I hope it helps someone out.

You can download the update, report bugs, and post links to your own XoopsGallery sites here (Many thanks to Coreace for the server and Luxus for setting it up):

Please review the readme before upgrading or installing!

Special thanks to the team of volunteer testers Luxus, Coreace, ffabris, Dr3vil, vzbob, snow77, hatch, and Dustin (can't locate your nick!) who worked to quickly locate and report a number of bugs (and locate some patches too) to make this a good quality, "works out of the ZIP with only minor well-documented configuration" Gallery module for the XOOPS community. It is only through their continued encouragement that this release was made possible (I'm easily distracted ).

Here's a laundry list of some of the fixes in case anyone is still reading...

* Update xoopsgallery_images and xoopscomments table on album rename
* Set of patches from SirTanksAlot
* Fix for comments disappearing with nav buttons from bugger
* Fixed Shutterfly link
* Comments working with help from core team in xoops 2.0.5rc+
* Remove undeclared constant from require('init.php') lines to prevent warning
* Add index.html to each album root to discourage browsing
* Add index.html to tmp and albums to force directory creation
* New admin icon from vzBob
* Highlight image on top gallery page is now a link to the album it represents
* Added this readme file
* check_netpbm.php and check_imagemagick.php are now off the admin menu
* Enabled the Time Limit preference.
* Comment count hidden when comments disabled on module or album.
* Fixed formatting (somewhat) on Caption editor, slideshow, and search results
* Fixed album path on view_photo
* Added smarty tags to view_photo: <{$photoCaption}>, <{$photoIndex}>
* Added smarty tags to view_album: <{$row.pictures[i].index}> and <{$row.captions[i].index}>
* Converted navigation on view_album and view_photo to be rendered in smarty template.
* Fixed alignment of tables and pictures in album index and view albums
* Fixed comments appearing on wrong photo from system-generated links
* Too many other fixes, lost track!

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