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Date 2003/10/2 22:49:28 | Topic: YAXS

Taczone is a new Dutch community for Tactical Shooters on a variety of platforms.

The site has been online for a few weeks now and the community is slowly growing. Behind the scenes still a few projects are worked on, like a new theme and streaming video. Even though I'm not a coder I'm absolutely satisfied with the results so far.

I couldn't have succeeded without the Xoops community help.
My special thanks go out to:

Samy of Netskipper.com
for some theme issues.

JackJ of Macambridge.com
for helping me out with the streaming media block.

Kubaz for porting the Internet Radio module into a beta version for Xoops 2.0.X

Thanks again to Onokazu and the rest of the Dev teams and of course the rest of the Xoopsers out there!

I'll stick around!

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