Themes: Theme Development Group Needed

Posted by: malexandriaon 2003/6/10 4:35:54 6092 reads
Now that someone has taken the initiative and created an Xoops Module development team. I think we can all agree that version 2 is surely lacking in the theme department. I think we need to form an "official" theme development team.

Unlike the modules and the core, there are several tutorials on how to create themes for X2, and a list of all the Smarty Classes as well. So there's no reason why X2 should be lacking in Themes, especially original, fresh ones (not the same variations of nuke style themes that we've come to know).

I'm no graphic designer so probably wouldn't be a good contributor to this. I'm willing to create a new website devoted to X2 Theme Development. I know there is an Xoops Theme site somewhere, but it's not in English, therefore not very usefull to us English speaking folks.

We can even give away DVDs or something for the top theme developer of the month.