XOOPS: XOOPS 1.3.9 released!

Posted by: onokazuon 2003/3/19 7:34:00 4723 reads The XOOPS team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 1.3.9

If you are already running XOOPS2 RC2 or a first time user, please read this article.

This release includes a number of security based enhancements which fix possible cross site script and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Therefore all 1.3.8 users are STRONGLY ADVISED to upgrade as soon as possible. It also includes an upgrade script that will modify one of the database tables to enhance performance of database access.

- Full Package [download]
For new users that would like to use XOOPS 1.3.x for some reason instead of XOOPS2 . This package contains entire XOOPS 1.3.9 source and a several number of language packages.

- Patch Files [tar.gz] [zip]
For those who already have XOOPS 1.3.8 running. This package contains only the files that have been modified from XOOPS 1.3.8. To upgrade from 1.3.8, overwrite the old files with the new ones, then point your browser to 138_to_139.php and follow the instruction displayed. Don't forget to remove this file from the server after the upgrade is complete.