YAXS: Designburo.nl is proud to announce another XOOPS website

Posted by: chco2on 2009/8/24 18:20:00 5678 reads
We have had a softwareproduct for some time now and the website for this product dates back from 2003. It needed an overhaul.

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We've used Alexander Galochkin theme "ixt01110" and made some modifications (like niftyborders, columns, etc.).
Since the site is running on XOOPS 2.4.0 beta (yeah, yeah.. I know.. ;) not all modules we wanted worked, so we have used the following modules:
- Content
- Cumulus
- News
- wfdownloads
- xforum
- xsitemap (thnx! nice module!)

Please visit the EasyTCPtransfer website.