Modules: Xoops Birthday module version 2

Posted by: instantzeroOn 2008/7/13 9:30:00 11536 reads
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Recently, a XOOPS user who runs and maintain an Army Veterans website asked for a module to remember their Killed in Action, as well as former friends who they served with and who have passed away.

This XOOPS user asked for some modifications on the Birthday module so that on the anniversary of their passing, a block on the main page shows some details on that soldier and a photograph.

I've agreed to do the modifications and here is the new version.

Before I give you a list of all the modifications, the module's code was completely rewritten so it requires PHP 5 and is NOT compatible at all with its previous versions (you've been warned).

Here is the list of changes brings to the module :
- Addition of a module's administration where you can show, edit and add birthdays
- You can add a description to each birthday
- You can select the text editor to use
- You can upload a picture to each birthday (pictures are automatically resized)
- Birthdays can be created for persons who are not users of your site
- Integration of the Xoops comments system
- Integrated to the Xoops search
- You can see a user's birthday (there is a specific page for this)
- You can see a list of all the birthdays and users.
- Now the module completely uses Smarty
- You can prohibit users to fill out their form (this is useful in case where you use the module to present other persons than those who use your site)

You can use it to wish the Happy Birthday to your users, but you can also use it for a Hall of Fame or Business Directory.

You can download the module here :

The module is available in French and English.
Any other translation is welcome.

Best regards,
Instant Zero