Modules: Release of article 0.99

Posted by: phpppOn 2006/10/29 23:58:13 7818 reads
The article module 0.99 is released with
1 Added configuration for article edit form, check article/readme.editmode.txt
2 Added support for extended dhtml textarea editor that allows flash/wm/iframe...
3 Implemented includeq and foreachq SMARTY plugin
4 Fixed bugs in templates and permissions

Download and technical support:

User guide:
Both "Frameworks" and "xoopseditor" packages are required by this module.
Plz download from:



Extra steps for XOOPS 2.2 users before install or update:
1 Copy compiler.includeq.php and compiler.foreachq.php from XOOPS 2.015 /class/smarty/xoops_plugins/ to XOOPS 2.2 /class/smarty/
2 Copy (and overwrite) xoops.js from XOOPS 2.015 /include/ to XOOPS 2.2 /incldue