YAXS: Patriot Pages com

Posted by: jdseymouron 2006/2/19 10:28:44 5885 reads
Recently a couple of people I work with (in the US reserves)are getting deployed overseas (for about a year tour). It made me think that a site for a Blog for these men and women that would let them have communications with friends and family.

The link for the site is www.patriot-pages.com

I am also looking for feedback and suggestions for modules to use for a multiuser Blog (currently testing the new wordpress module and the articles module, both by phppp.) And thanks to buzzy.net for the perfect theme to use.

I want to make it easy for the users to post a Blog under their personal category (make private posts to family if possible, I see wordpress has a password protect feature), easily upload pictures and finally easy for family and friends to locate the users posts for comments to it.

So thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you can provide. This is my first submission to YAX in my 2 years of using xoops.