Modules: CBB 3.0 is released

Posted by: phpppon 2006/2/16 17:30:00 18873 reads We are proud to announce the release of CBB 3.0 for XOOPS 2.0*, 2.2* and 2.30.

The CBB 3.0 is a repackaged version of CBB 2.32 which was for XOOPS 2.2*.
With CBB 3.0, all XOOPS users are now able to use the up-to-date CBB module which is more secure, optimized, stable and less buggy.

Download: CBB 3.0

Package Structure
1. Frameworks
* art: basic object/handler
* xoops22: classes/functions from XOOPS 2.2* (XOOPS 2.2* users must remove the folder)
2. modules/newbb: the module files
Important - keep the folder structure:
(XOOPS_ROOT/Frameworks/xoops22/, for XOOPS 2.0 and 2.3 only)

1. Unzip the package in an empty directory
2. Upload Frameworks to your XOOPS root folder (if you are using XOOPS 2.2*, remove the folder of “Frameworks/xoops22″)
3. Upload modules under modules to your XOOPS modules folder
4. Install or update each modules as usual

Thank you everyone for making the release!