Modules: CBB 2.2 Final Release

Posted by: phpppon 2005/7/31 14:42:19 12041 reads
CBB 2.2 Final Release

XOOPS Community bulletin Board 2.2, ONLY for XOOPS 2.2


See Changelog

1 CBB 2.2 will upgrade your (any version) newbb/CBB to up-to-date CBB (currently 2.2) auotmatically by updating module CBB
2 Make sure to re-configure your CBB blocks since XOOPS 2.2 changes the way for block management

1 block/profile/css/adminmenu/encoding related content upgraded to XOOPS 2.2
2 XOOPS editor framework implemented
3 permission management separated from forum/category and default permission set and management added
4 category/forum creation on module installation
5 send PM with quoted post content
6 embedded upgrade: any version of newbb/cbb could be updated to up-to-date CBB by updating module
7 forum queries in xoops_version.php moved to save db query
8 change relative path to full path for some images
9 change forum list in jumpbox and topicmanager to a more clear style
10 moderator management merged into forum admin form with xoopsuserselect form

Team CBB:
Note: A CBB 2.2 Final package copy will soon be available