XOOPS: XOOPS 2.0.11 Stable Released

Posted by: Mithrandiron 2005/6/24 21:49:53 11413 reads
The XOOPS Core Development Team gives you the very last step on the way towards XOOPS 2.2:

XOOPS 2.0.11

XOOPS 2.0.11 is a bugfix release of 2.0.10 that only holds a few - but important - bugfixes.

2005/06/24: Version 2.0.11
- Fixed bug where lostpass.php would not accept emails and send new password (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug where search result links would be wrong if the item was in another module than the searched one (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug in groups admin where it was impossible to add users to a group if the site had 200+ users (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug with uploading smilies (Ackbarr)

XOOPS 2.0.11 Stable
.zip | tarball

XOOPS 2.0.10 to 2.0.11 patch
.zip | tarball

Thank you everyone for reporting bugs and helping with solving them. This one is for you.

On behalf of the Core Developers