Developer News: Development Update: 2.1 approaching

Posted by: Mithrandiron 2005/5/6 18:05:51 8590 reads
XOOPS 2.1 is progressing nicely.

I have mainly been working on the Profile and PM modules for managing users, profiles, fields and registrations and private messages, respectively.

Ralf57 has been working hard on a new default theme that will also be in the administration area and I must say I am quite happy with it.

There is still not much new functionality in the package, but it is structured better and it is easier to add functionality to e.g. the PM module now.

The Profile module is close to finished except for a few things, such as listing users (the findusers functionality from the 2.0.10 core)

What is missing?
This is what I want in the core before a formal (development) release:
- List users functionality in Profile module
- Better inferface for managing fields and categories
- Change email procedure involving a confirmation email
- PM outbox feature
- PM "saved folder" feature
- Quota on PM inboxes and outboxes
- Various fixes in the text sanitizer
- Module installation during XOOPS install
- Set group access and administration privileges during module installation

Once these items are implemented and working properly, I will focus on the following items for the 2.1.5 release, which will be the one where all functionality shall be in the package and only bugfixing remains before labelling it 2.2.0 and stable:
- Pluggable authentication
- Groups administration (permissions and memberships)
- Module preferences grouping and segmenting

For the stats freaks
Fixed Bug Count: 32
Added Patches Count: 24
Added Feature Requests: 16

What can you do to contribute?
a) Download the CVS nightly package (tomorrow, as I have committed code today) and try it out on a clean installation
b) Look at the interface in the Profile module and suggest changes (I have added a Patches tracker category called "2.1.x")
c) Submit bug reports (I have added a Bug tracker category called "CVS Nightly" - please use that for reporting bugs in 2.1)

Known Bugs and Inconveniences
XoopsFormSelectUser does not work in multiple-user selection mode. If anyone can suggest a method for specifying multiple users without having a <select multiple="multiple"> with all users in it - but also without using non-core functionality (findusers is now no longer in the core) - I would be very very happy.

On installation, there is no blocks instantiated, so you will have to go to /user.php to log in before being able to go to /admin.php to the administration area

On module installation, access and admin permissions are not set, but will have to be set through groups admin