Hacks: Adminarea Revisited beta2 released

Posted by: ralf57on 2005/3/23 13:17:53 7290 reads
Hi xoopsers,
after a long delay the beta2 version of Adminarea Revisited hack is out.
This hack aims to give a new and fresh look to the backend without editing the core files.

Besides many bugfixes (thanks to those who reported them) this release has 3 main features:
1)A brand new admin menu which is lightweight (only 5KB)
and should be cross-browser and cross-platform
See screenshot
2)A new pluggable admin blocks system which allows you
to display custom blocks in the admin area frontpage
See screenshot
3)A new scroller for displaying Xoops.org's news
instead of the whole page like in the default installation
See screenshot
Other screenshots:
Since it is a hack i strongly recommend you to read the README file before installing.
The Adminarea Revisited project is hosted at dev.xoops.org
so go there for bugs reporting,forum discussions,files etc.
If you are not patient this link is for
Direct download
A final note: if you write your own adminblocks(plugin) please send them in so i can publically release them.

Nice xoopsing,