Modules: Donator Version Of AMS 2.4 Released!

Posted by: brashon 2005/2/8 6:57:26 9254 reads
It has been just over three full months since AMS first hit the Xoops scene, and I am very happy to announce that we now have a donator only release of AMS 2.4 available for download. AMS 2.2 has proved to be popular, and has racked up almost 3000 downloads from the IT Headquarters site in the two months since its public release, and I'm hoping that the considerable work done with AMS 2.4 will make it just as much a hit.

The driving force behind the release of AMS 2.4 though is without doubt our sponsors at OBS and Without their financial contributions AMS would not have been looking at another release until mid to late this year. IT Headquarters has also managed to bring on its first AMS Partner, and I'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank Solve Technology for making the ongoing commitment of contributing back to AMS which will help relieve the considerable financial cost of future development. I would also like to once again thank Mithrandir for his patience, skill and outright professionalism in getting the coding side of things done for this release. It is very much appreciated by myself, and no doubt all that use AMS. AMS 2.4 Sponsors AMS Partners Download the donator only release of AMS 2.4 here A $10USD or higher donation is required to be able to download this version with all contributions going towards future AMS development. The public release of AMS is scheduled for somewhere around mid March at this stage. See AMS 2.4 demo here Keep reading for a full list of all the work done in AMS 2.4 and upgrade instructions!