XOOPS: XOOPS released

Posted by: HerkoOn 2004/12/30 4:20:00 14688 reads
The XOOPS Core Development Team is happy to announce XOOPS

This version fixes a number of bugs introduced in the 2.0.9 and releases, and upgrading to the latest version is highly recommended.

You can find the full versions of XOOPS here.
Patches from older versions to can be found here.
Those who have already upgraded to can simply overwrite their XOOPS with the files included in 2.0.9_to_2.0.9.2. However there might be some minor problems with the uploader and the block administration. If you do have problems with them, you can do the following:

Uploader problem: apply the patch posted by Mith on this thread or simply replace class/uploader.php with the one included in 2.0.9.

Block administration problem: edit and save all your blocks. If you have already done that when upgrading to, I am afraid you would need to that again.

Note to users using the newbb2.0 module
Do not upload the folders and files under /modules/newbb to your server. The files included in this package are not for the newbb 2.0. Please wait for the updated package to be released from the newbb2 project developers.

Changelog: 2004/12/30: Version =============================== - Security fix to prevent session hijacking (thanks goes to GIJOE and the JP XOOPS community) - Fixed duplicated blocks bug on module update - phpmailer back to the version included in, as it is more stable (Onokazu) 2004/12/29: Version 2.0.9 =============================== - Users created through the administration Add User form will now be added to the groups specified in the add user form (Mithrandir/Onokazu) - Added Patch #1052008 - XHTML 1.0 valid waiting contents block (Mithrandir/Herko) - Added Patch #1052193 - Improved XoopsMediaUploader class (Mithrandir/Ackbarr) - Added Patch #1056830 - New Logo.gif (Mithrandir/Herko) - Added Patch #999433 - Siteclosed template XHTML fix (Mithrandir/Herko) - Added Patch #955738 - banners.php XHTML 1.0 Trans validation (Mithrandir/Herko) - Fixed Bug #1062292 - Wrong Doctype Declaration in several files (Mithrandir/Frankblack) - Updated Patch #962819 - Add onUpdate function - to send the correct version number as second parameter (Mithrandir) - Added Patch #1091653 - Serialize block options (Mithrandir) - Fixed bug in kernel/block.php - faulty SQL sentence (Mithrandir) - Added RFE #978444 - PHP Debug is now set on per default on a fresh installation (Mithrandir/Bender) - Rolled back to version of phpMailer as there are problems with Japanese characters in 1.72(Onokazu) 2004/12/25: Version 2.0.9 =============================== - Security fix in the newbb module for PHP version < 4.3.10 (GIJOE & Onokazu) - Security fix in the newbb module to prevent XSS attacks (minahito) - Fixed various problems related to XoopsUser::isAdmin() and $xoops_isadmin patch in (bugs #1014203/#1014403) (Onokazu) - Fixed incorrect parameters being passed to CriteriaCompo in modulesadmin.php (Onokazu) - Fixed incorrect parameters being passed to XoopsXmlRpcStruct::add() in BloggerApi::getUserInfo() (Onokazu) - Fixed Bug #1023022 - XoopsFormDhtmlTextArea and array_push() error (Mithrandir) - Fixed Bug #1013989 - Inbox title shoud be plural "Private Messages" (Mithrandir) - Fixed Bug #1004998 - readpmsg.php typo: html tag of subject is nothing (Mithrandir) - Fixed Bug #1035707 - Enable array type options in blocks (Mithrandir) - Fixed a typo in include/comment_form.php, patch #1041993 (Dave_l) - Fixed Bug #1044957 - xoopsmultimailer.php Username typo when SMTP-Auth (Mithrandir) - Fixed RFE #900348 - Sort user list alphabetically in System -> Groups. Also changed the way it fetches the users in the group so it fetches all of them with 2 queries instead of 1 + (1 per user in the group) (Mithrandir ) - Added patch #1048384 - mysql_field_name and others, added (Mithrandir) - Fixed bug #1049017 - Blocks sharing a template are cached wrong (Mithrandir) - Added patch #1048382 - Module onUpdate function (Mithrandir) - Fixed bug #989462 - Handler object caching not working (Mithrandir) - Added RFE #900345 - View/Edit group membership in Admin -> System -> Edit User (Mithrandir) - Fixed Bug #1055901 - group.php(IN phrase is used ,query) (Mithrandir) - Fixed bug #1052403 - block update in module update (Mithrandir) - More fixes for register_globals off in the top 10 page of mylinks/mydownloads modules - Fixed a typo in modules/xoopsheadline/admin/index.php (Onokazu) - Fixed bug where 2 headline forms were using the same form name/id, causing JS error (Onokazu) - Fixed some html problems in mylinks/mydownloads admin page (Onokazu) - Secured mainfile.dist.php from disclosing paths (Mithrandir) - Fixed bug #1073029 (Onokazu) - Fixed bug #1073532 (Onokazu) - Fixed bug #1080791 (Onokazu) - Fixed lang phrase _NOT_ACTIVENOTIFICATIONS not being assing to template (Onokazu) - Some PHP5 fixes (Mithrandir) - Updated Smarty to version 2.6.5 - Updated PHPMailer to version 1.72