Modules: AMS Module Released To Xoops Community

Posted by: brashon 2004/12/13 0:10:00 38300 reads
AMS is a highly modified version of the News 1.2 module for Xoops, and took over 6 months in development.

AMS adds a huge amount of features to give webmasters a lot more control and flexibility over their content while still maintaining an easy to understand and use interface.
AMS is highly scalable and is geared towards performance, and as such is particulary well suited to hosting large article repositories with thousands of articles that attract high volumes of traffic. However, it is just as well suited to hosting a handful of articles for a personal site.

AMS comes complete with a migration script to bring over all content from the News 1.1 module (News 1.2 works as well, but attachments are NOT migrated), and a script to migrate system comments from the News module to the AMS module will be available as well very shortly.

AMS runs totally independent of the News module, and as such both modules can be run concurrently without a problem.

I'd personally like to say a VERY big thankyou to Jan (Mithrandir) for his time, patience and coding skill making this module possible, and also a big thanks to Jeff (jctsup1) for funding this project with me. Last, but certainly not least I would like to thank all the people who donated towards AMS, as without your contribution this module would have remained a private project and never seen the light of day for use by the general Xoops community. In fact the total amount we received from all the donations far exceeded our target, and the excess has been used to make a donation to Xoops as well being used to contribute towards the continued development of AMS.

AMS was brought to you by;

IT Headquarters
IIS Resources
JKP Software Development

Download it HERE!

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Documentation HERE! (limited content at present, but it will grow)