XOOPS: Xoops 2.0.9 Beta Has Landed

Posted by: Mithrandiron 2004/10/23 10:00:00 10318 reads
Xoops 2.0.9 Beta is brought to you by the Xoops Core Development Team.

We have added a few extra features as well as done some extensive changes in many files to get closer to PHP 5 compatibility. We still do not claim to be PHP 5 compatible, because we are aware of some problems with installing certain modules, but hope with this release to get closer to solving those problems.
Due to the amount of changes, this release cannot be recommended for production websites, but should be used for testing purposes only.

Upgrade from 2.0.7.x:
- Upload files in package (if using full package, make sure not to overwrite your mainfile.php)
- Update System Module

See the changelog for more details as to what is changed in this version.

Xoops 2.0.7.x -> 2.0.9 Beta Patch (.tar.gz)
Xoops 2.0.7.x -> 2.0.9 Beta Patch (.zip)
Xoops 2.0.9 Beta full (.tar.gz)
Xoops 2.0.9 Beta full (.zip)
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2004/10/20: Version 2.0.9 Beta
!! BETA VERSION !! Do not use in a production environment without adequate testing

Smarty version updated to 2.6.5 (Mithrandir)
PHPMailer version updated to 1.72 (Mithrandir)
PHP5 compatibility fixes (Mithrandir)
- Renamed XoopsObject::clone() to XoopsObject::xoopsclone()
- Changed long superglobals (HTTP_GET_VARS, HTTP_POST_VARS etc.) to their PHP 4.1.0+ equivalent (_GET, _POST etc)
- Added strtolower() around get_class() calls

Fixed bug #1023022 : XoopsFormDhtmlTextArea and array_push() error (Mithrandir)
Fixed bug #1042383 : Typo in include/comment_form.php (Onokazu/gstarret)
Fixed bug #1044971 : Object-handler caching not working (Mithrandir/phppp)
Fixed bug #1049017 : Blocks sharing a template are cached wrong (Mithrandir)
Fixed bug #1036762 : Templates of other module is deleted at module uninstallation (Onokazu/domifara)

Added patch #1035707 : Enable array type options in blocks (Mithrandir/malanciault)
- Array value options in blocks are now saved with a delimiting semi-colon ;

Added patch #1041993 : $_POSTS in include/comment_form.php (Onokazu/dave_l)
Added patch #1021217 : XoopsForm->assign : description field (Mithrandir/malanciault)
Added patch #1048384 : mysql_field_name and others added to MySQLDatabase class (Mithrandir/blackdeath_csmcc)
Added patch #1048382 : Add onUpdate action (Mithrandir/blackdeath_csmc)

Added RFE #900348 : Sort user list alphabetically in System -> Groups (Mithrandir/ackbarr)
Added RFE #900345 : View/Edit group membership in Admin -> System -> Edit User (Mithrandir/ackbarr)