Hacks: XOOPS Multilanguages 1.4.2

Posted by: marcanOn 2004/9/12 12:43:41 6144 reads
With the release of XOOPS, I repackaged XOOPS Multilanguages and give you an updated version that will work on XOOPS

You can download this package here : XOOPS Multilanguages 1.4.2

As I did with version 1.4.1, I created in the package a folder called XOOPS_2.0.7.3_ ML_1.4.2. This folder contains the files changed from XOOPS 2.0.7 to XOOPS, merged with XOOPS Multilanguages. So, if you are upgrading form a previous version of XOOPS Multilanguages, you can copy the content of this folder at the root of your XOOPS site.

As usual, please carefully read the ReadMe file as it is REALLY IMPORTANT. XOOPS multilanguages is not intended to everyone. It is a sever hack of XOOPS. Please handle it with care.

Should you have any questions, please post them on the forums of NotreVie.ca.

Cheers !