Hacks: XOOPS Multilanguage Version 1.1

Posted by: marcanon 2004/3/3 16:02:34 5687 reads
The XOOPS Multilanguage hack of hsalazar has been improved again !

- It now supports XOOPS version 2.0.6
- Different new hacks have been added to support more translated elements of XOOPS
- The comment titles are now translated.

It supports the official modules of XOOPS :
- MyDownloads
- MyLinks
- NewBB
- News
- Sections
- System
- XoopsFAQ
- XoopsPartners
- XoopsPoll

If there's a demand for other modules, it may be done as well in a near future.

Please, read careffully the ReadMe.txt file, as it is VERY IMPORTANT !

Zip Version [159 KB]

Enjoy !