YAXS: Novell Forge migrates to XOOPS2

Posted by: Herkoon 2004/2/13 12:45:05 4971 reads
Novell Forge, Novell's worldwide open source development portal, announced its migration to the XOOPS2 system last week. Novell Forge is a XOOPS2 based sourceforge 'clone' that works seamlessly with Novell's eDir services and it's existing LDAP authentication tree, thus enabling secure SSL login. The migration to XOOPS2 was a combined effort from Novell- and XOOPS developers.

Novell's developers incorporated an NNTP news server for the project forums. This allows HTTP, NNTP, and SMTP to share the same data source.
File management has also changed. File packages can now be marked as 'Development', 'Stable', or 'Private'. There are new project roles that allow you to specify a release admin who can be designated as the only one who can release a stable build. This allows you to more formally control stable releases of your project.
Novell also added a bookmark feature so you can bookmark projects you are interested in. The bookmarks are displayed on your account page (previously My Personal Page).

The new-and-improved XOOPS2 based Novell Forge will be presented at the Novell Brainshare event.