Hacks: Xoops with STICKY URL's

Posted by: ldapguruon 2003/12/31 3:51:07 7203 reads
Hi I always wanted to be able to have several URL's being served with varied content from the same backend xoops engine. I have a method that could be implemented very easily such that content served from the same backend xoops engine can be represented using URL's that stick.

The method has 2 parts to it.
1. A sticky URl that changes after the user clicks on any particular link.

2. a sticky URL that sticks throughout the entire valid browser session.

Well, both these methods work prefectly fine. I am working on session management such that the session cookie contains parameters for all the various domains (URL's) that the user could choose and make then automatically signon to all domains at once.

The SSO (single Signon) components are in a beta stage and I shall post a release note when it's complete.

The Sticky URL's work just fine (LOL... No iFrames or Frames in use). You can see them in action at the following URL's


And the CORE XOOPS engine that serves these various URL's / Domains at http://www.ldapguru.net.

The modular code can be downloaded from my site ( for registered users. So go ahead register yourself at http://www.ldapguru.net/register.php and download the code.

Please do not abuse the system as this code has been implemented on my live site and not on a development or staging server.