Developer News: Extra! Extra! 1st Xoops Newsletter Published!

Posted by: dlhon 2003/12/29 7:24:26 78212 reads
Xoops 2 Inaugural Newsletter

In this issue:

1. Newsletter? What's going on here?
2. Introducing the Core Team Members
3. YAXS - New Sites Using Xoops2!
4. New Modules
5. New Themes
6. New Hacks
7. Calling all Sites!

1. Newsletter? What's going on here?

Many of you have been with Xoops for a long time. As such, you've seen it grow from being just another PHP-Nuke fork to a powerful and efficient content management system (CMS). For those of you new to the Xoops system, the members of the Core Team would like to welcome you to our community! If you have an interest in web development, you have a home here!

As we've grown, it's also become apparent that as our user base expands, our needs (and wants!) become more diverse. As such, the Xoops Core Team has established a community relations position to facilitate communications between the various Xoops Teams and our fantastic user base.

You have already seen other roadmaps for the core and modules; however, each member of the core team is working on their plan for 2004. In the near future, we will be publishing those to get your feedback, ideas, and especially your support.

We will be calling on our user base over the next couple of months to assist in specific and focused development efforts. These efforts may revolve are documentation, technical support, module development, theme development, and content submission. We hope to make these initiatives fun and exciting - with plenty of recognition for our contributors. More information on that in upcoming newsletters...

Speaking of newsletters! This should be a monthly installment. I am hoping to keep everyone updated on all the great things that are happening in the Xoops world during the previous month. I can only hope to keep up!

You have a voice here! If I missed your contribution, I apologize in advance. Just shoot me message and I'll include it in the next newsletter!

I'd like to end by wishing you a sucessful and safe end to your year, and I hope that you have a fantastic 2004!

Take care,



2. Introducing the Core Team Members

Core Team Leader (Herko)
Core Development (Onokazu)
Module Development (Catzwolf)
Theme Design (Philou)
Quality Control (Ackbarr)
Documentation (Hsalazar)
Community Support (Tom)
Product Development (Malexandria)
Community Relations (DLH)

We would also like to thank all others who have helped the development of Xoops! We'll feature members of the other teams in future issues.


3. YAXS - New Sites Using Xoops2!


Linux+ Magazine

Incama Theme Design

South Boston En Accion

(Did you build a site in December that I should know about? Drop me a note!)


4. New Modules

So many good modules in November and December, I decided to go through November's as well!

FreeContent v2.9.0

LycosGoogled 0.1

Team Module v2.0

Narga's Guestbook Module

Lycos Blocks 1.2

ChatMX v1.0

Spanish Language for XCGal 1.10

Topics Blocks Module

Address Module Version 1.7

xComics Module

Wap Module - XC Gallery Mod

WF-Channel v1.0.2 Beta

Small Hack of Spotlight

TinyContent v1.5

MyHoroscope 0.1 Module

ArMS 0.4 (Article Management System)


BopComments and Extensible Waiting Block

xcGallery - Release 1.1

Spanish language for piCal

WAKKA 0.12R3


The Corporate Presentation Module : Enterprise-X

ErrorDocs For Xoops

(Did I miss your contribution? Just drop me a note and I'll add it next issue. If you've built a module for Xoops, please share with the community - isn't that the aim of OpenSource?)


5. New Themes

Incama Flower Theme

Christmas Theme


New Hacks

E: Use hacks at your own risk! They may render your Xoops system unuseable or may prevent you from upgrading!

3 Different Dotcoms (One) Database... ... 78&forum=7#forumpost62516

Small xtremguestbook hack ... 6&forum=15#forumpost62397

Partners Hack ... 0&forum=15#forumpost62136

Newbb Module Hacks ... 78&forum=8#forumpost62012

Business Directory Hack ... 29&forum=4#forumpost61642

Flash Games for Xoops Site ... 47&forum=3#forumpost61515

Apache mod_rewrite RewriteRule Success ... 05&forum=3#forumpost61336

Custom menu which acts like the Xoops menu ... 83&forum=4#forumpost60279

Movie Show-Time Hack/Module ... 12&forum=4#forumpost59108

(Did you hack Xoops? Did I miss yours? Haven't published it yet? Care to share it with the community? Drop us a news item or post it on the boards!)


7. Calling all Sites!

Do you have a great looking Xoops site? We'd love to feature a site every month in the Xoops newsletter. Please drop me a link with a description of your site.

That's all for this month.

Happy Xoopsing!