Themes: MP00 Theme is out

Posted by: hsalazaron 2003/11/10 21:02:09 5811 reads
Mesa de Pruebas proudly presents the Xoops Community its first theme, a simple, gray-blue theme with a few variations and additions:
  • Includes the script for hiding/showing the left/right columns.
  • Includes a snappy live clock
  • Includes variations on the theme: 760 pixels wide or full screen, left-aligned or centered, with half-width blocks on top or under the main content.
Download RAR version here Download Zip version here Cheers. UPDATE 19/11/2003: I've corrected the blocks-in-top bug and added the pertinent code to the styleNN.css file. I also used the shortcut to the background image, so the theme should be easier to emply and more universal than before.