XOOPS: Policy Annoucement: Offline Browsers / Website Copiers

Posted by: ackbarrOn 2004/12/10 14:50:00 7437 reads
There have been a recent rash of users attempting to make offline copies of http://www.xoops.org and wiki.xoops.org.

Our policy: Don't.

Many offline copiers are setup to make many simultaneous requests to a website to improve copying performance. A busy website like XOOPS.org gets a lot of traffic (averages 3.5 GB transfered daily), and these offline copiers can easily eat up connections meant for normal users. If we catch a website copier, their address will be banned at the firewall.

First offense - a 1 hour temp ban
Second offense - a 1 day temp ban
Third offense - a permanent ban

This may sound harsh, but offline copiers negatively affect site performance; giving a false impression on the quality of XOOPS.

If you have a special request or need content on xoops.org for offline use, you may contact one of the webmasters asking for permission. It is entirely at the discretion of the webmaster to approve or deny this request.