online handling bug
  • 2004/3/11 18:28

  • phppp

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I notice that the online info is only updated in the b_system_online_show().

Imagine #1: If only webmasters have access to online block, then webmasters can see only themselves, neither other members nor anonymous.
Imagine #2: If the online block is allowed to be displayed only on the first page, and one user happends to stay inside a module or go across modules directly, then the user has no chance to update his online info hence will be considered as offline.

any comments?

Re: online handling bug
  • 2004/3/15 15:13

  • phppp

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No same experiences?

Re: online handling bug

I have personally come to terms with the fact that the "who's online" block is shady at best - but it should have improved with the session garbage collection update.

I haven't looked into the block code but thought that it just looked at the session information in the db table... which I thought was updated somewhere in the common.php or something.

Now that you mention it, that may not account for locating users on the site.

Basically I'm not bothered by it, but you may have a point, which is worth exploring.

Re: online handling bug

Same here. The Who's Online will only show users that have access to the block and only for pages that have the block loaded.

So for mine I live with it and I put the block on all pages that I care about monitoring and have screen space.

If the same info can be found in the database then the block could be more useful. But I think it is the block itself that is creating the details needed beyond actual login sessions.

Given those limits, I think there should be more flexibility in the module like:
. Allow an invisible block that can exist on every page so that data is collected.
. A visible block for actual presentation where desired.
. Ability to limit who can see the block yet have the block contain data for all users, logged in or not.

Re: online handling bug
  • 2004/3/15 16:19

  • phppp

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I was trying to find a solution but too many concerns.
an invisible block
could be a feasible solution.

Re: online handling bug


The invisible block would work like the AntiDos module, you can enable it for every screen so it does its thing yet it doesn't get in the way. You would then allow all users access to this invisible block so it collects the information.

The visible block then simply reads the data collected from the invisible block. This allows you to limit who can see the block.

Re: online handling bug

Raising another old thread. I'm still interested in an invisible Who's Online block enabled on every screen. This would collect the stats for the visible block that is only placed where useful and enabled for groups desired. Perhaps not viewable for anonymous but stats are collected from the invisible block so members can see them.

Anyone interested in trying to make this work? I figure we would clone the block and make one invisible to only collect stats and leave the other alone except maybe to only read the stats and not collect them.

I think it can all be done in the templates?

Re: online handling bug
  • 2004/7/26 21:22

  • Dave_L

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I don't understand the "invisible block" concept.

I haven't looked at how Who's Online works now in Xoops, but shouldn't the stats be collected at a central point, such as in header.php or include/common.php?

Re: online handling bug

I'd agree that the stats would seem to come from the header for example but due to the fact that the listed/tracked data in the Who's Online block is directly related to what user rights you give for the block. This suggests that the a call to the block triggers the stats collection.

Maybe for overhead savings if the block isn't used? I don't know but this is why I suggested an invisible block. Keeps the hack in the templates and out of the core.

I'm not into a lot of blingy stats and other real time info plastered on the screen and eating CPU and bandwidth. Just need to know some info on demand, even in a special page and off the regular pages.

Open for best ideas.


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