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Posted on: 2011/4/1 22:15
Mamba (Show more)
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Marquee 2.49 GUI Change - ready for testing

Mage came up with a very cool Module Admin class that generates the whole "2.5.0 Admin GUI" directly from the Menus.

Once you set you Menu structure with links to images, you can generate the 2.5.0 Module Admin with this:

$index_admin = new ModuleAdmin();


And this is the result:

Resized Image

The "About Page" is also automatically generated:

Resized Image

It couldn't be easier!

I have updated Marquee with this new structure, so please download it from here, test it and let us know what you think.

This is a very exciting development, as it will make module development much easier and the Admin GUI more standardized

Once this is tested OK, I'll update the other modules with the some Module Admin class, and then we'll work on the TDMCreate module to include this methodology there.

Of course, any and all improvement suggestions are welcome! Please help us in making XOOPS module development easier, faster, and of higher quality.

Please note that we have more modules to be converted and tested, so please help us out.

Once again -thanks to Mage for this cool class!
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Posted on: 2011/4/2 10:47
jcweb (Show more)
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Re: Marquee 2.49 GUI Change - ready for testing

I only will remember, i can check and or create german language files (utf-8), my question is, are the english language files complete so i can start? Contact me for the other modules you and some xoops friends did modify, i will create and check the language files too!

Greets Andy