Keeping it all together
  • 2007/6/28 12:00

  • Catzwolf

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Over recent weeks and months we have been hearing that there will be changes, if you are like me I have yet to see anything that would suggest otherwise. There is a lot of talk about openness, a new era of co-operation but I have yet to see any real change in the recent weeks. While I applaud the current rethinking, I do however find some things a little disturbing to say the least. How many websites do we actually need?

It seems now that we are creating Community driven websites for just about anything and everything. Why on earth are we doing this? I personally do not wish to jump from one website to another website just to get information I need. Who is going to manage all these new wonderful websites? Who is going to maintain them? What happens if someone decides they don’t want to do them anymore, who is going to pay for these entire sites and more importantly can we trust them?

Rather than spreading out information/modules/themes/development/help for the users over many different websites, we should in fact concentrate all of our efforts under one roof and manage them accordingly. There is already confusion over this issue and I believe it will get worse once it is implemented.

So where are all these sites now? Where is the list and why can’t we as users see them now. I for one would like to see what is happening even if it is just a pre-production website. So can we have a list of domain names that are listed for this community driven approach in their current state?

1. Documentation and help site.
2. Addons website
3. Developer website
4. Xoops Wiki website
5. Local support website
6. And many many more………….

Why can’t we have most of these areas as ‘subsites’ to the main XOOPS site?


These sites could be skinned under the same theme and linked easily enough. That way the user feels they’re not being push from pillar to post trying to find information.

Keep it under the same roof guys……

Re: Keeping it all together

I would like to see all the official sites under the xoop.org domain. This would be the ideal situation and from a user perspective this makes XOOPS much better organized than XOOPS information being scattered over several domains. So some time ago I suggested this too.

Perhaps someone can explain why for maintenance and access rights it is easier to use the several domains approach.

When you do use the several domains approach, it is possible to still keep the same look and feel by using the same theme design for the XOOPS sites navigation. If this is done correctly I believe it would be more user friendly, but of course not as user friendly as using one domain name.

Re: Keeping it all together
  • 2007/6/28 13:17

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And, as I wrote some days ago...
Re: Introduction to XOOPSinfo - an English local support ...

If somebody asks for my opinion, here it is:

- One site for the users (All repositories, FAQs, Support Forums, News, Downloads, + search ...)
- One site for the developers (Core and Modules)
- One site for the documentation (+ wiki)

It is a pity to separate everything. The good example of an efficient CMS where someone could find everything about, will be lost and cannot be used as an actual example for what XOOPS is and can do.


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