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  • 2007/6/8 17:14

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I'm John V from Cardiff in the UK.

I'd like to "do something" to help but my developing/coding skills are zero and by design skills are pathetic

I think that "Community Coordination" is the only area where I can help. But what does it mean?

I'd like to apply for the position of "General Dogsbody and Tea-Boy", i.e. just to help out areound here and keep things running smoothly.

Although new to XOOPS (9 months only) I've been running and maintaining websites for a number of years, including admin/moderating phpbb forums (my own and others).

I'm 43 years old, married with 2 kids and work in local govt. I'm a chemist by profession currently working in environmental protection. Nothing to do with websites/xoops but it gives a hint as to the kind of guy I am, i.e. old and boring.

Gimme something to do

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  • 2007/6/8 18:53

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davidl2 wrote:

.. so thank you for offering to Bleed

I offered to help around here, not play for the xoops.org rugby team

Seriously, if you guys in the know can think of omething that I might be able to do to help then I'll listen to the suggestions...... I'm here for the long haul so might as well pitch in

Re: [XoopsTeam] - JAVesey - Community Coordination

Hi. I'm Crip (aka sailjapan). Another relative XOOPS newbie, with about 3 years of running a single XOOPS based site. I'm not a programmer nor a web designer, but I've managed to tweak my site to how I want it and think that if I can do it, just about anyone else could too.

I'd like to offer some of my free time to XOOPS. I would be honoured to be considered for the role of co-Tea-Boy with John V in the Community Co-ordination department

Professional experience mainly in education, with a few years of liaising between the Japanese and English speaking sides of a small IT company. I also sail.
Never let a man who does not believe something can be done, talk to a man that is doing it.

Re: [XoopsTeam] - JAVesey - Community Coordination
  • 2007/6/9 4:23

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Greeting all;

I am Mike C , from Hartford, South Dakota, in the U.S.

I have maintained several web sites before, and a XOOPS based site for just over three years. I really shouldn't say that, I am constantly upgrading, adding, modifying, tweaking this or changing that. It seems as the web site is never really done.

I am offering some of my free time to XOOPS project to make it even better. I believe the best place that I can help is the “Community Coordination” I have been using XOOPS for several years for several sites, it's high time I gave something back.

My coding skills are extremely limited. I can get the site to do what it needs to do, by following the instructions and trail and learn (error)

I am a consumer computer technician with an emphasis on communications by trade, I just received my AA degree in Business Administration.

I'm forty something, happily married with 2 children. Normally, I volunteer with the disaster services, and when there isn't a disaster to deal with, I like to make wine.

I don't need to be a team leader, just let me know what you need help with, then let's get it done.
Some dream of success, while others wake up and work for it.


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