Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits)
  • 2006/7/4 12:17

  • Vincentb

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I have installed XOOPS on a standard linux - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits). The installation process went ok and was easy. Unfortunately, I experience many problems. For instance, I can not create a new user. Each time I push on the 'create new user' button, my Firefox crashes ... It also crashed when I try to use other functionalities. basically, I can just access the home page ...

What is strange is that I installed the same version of XOOPS on a standard Fedora 4.0 and there everything is perfect.

Have you experienced similar problem? Is Ubuntu known as being unstable with this Xoops? Or do I use too recent version of PHP, Firefox or MySql?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits)
  • 2006/7/4 12:43

  • maxpt

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the probleam aren't with xoops, the probleam are with the port of ubuntu to 64bits of this 64bits packaged ex (php(64bits) MySQL (64bits) and apache (64bits)) try to update your ubuntu 6.06, with the last updates.

See the config..
Marco Sousa

Re: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits)
  • 2006/7/4 13:08

  • Vincentb

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My Ubuntu 6.06 lts is up-to-date with the last version of php, mysql, apache and firefox.

Would you then mean that I should install the previous 64 bits version of Ubuntu or a less 'modern' and more 'stable' Linux distro such as Centos (if available for 64 bits)?

More generally speaking, which 64 bits distro would you suggest to support Xoops?

Does someone here succeeded in running XOOPS on Ubuntu 6.06? If so, it would be nice you to post here what you had to do to make this possible...

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Re: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (64 bits)

Ubuntu is really a desktop o/s (which I use at home) although it could be used to run a webserver, but I would strongly recommend the 32bit version if using Ubuntu. A better o/s for a webserver would be CentOS.


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