Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 12:24

  • pod

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My sincerest thanks to all the XOOPS developers who have worked so tirelessly to return this site to perfect working order.

So good to be back, and with no visible data loss!

Excellent work, thank you!
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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 12:42

  • carnuke

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Excellent work to all you folks to bring XOOPS back online

Yesterday was my birthday and I was having a real good day till I saw what was happening here. One jealously guards the good things in life and the XOOPS community is one of them to me. Im really glad to see it back online.

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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 12:56

  • pod

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Happy [belated] birthday Richard :)

[Edit] Ohhhh, nice Sacred Mirrors avatar. Alex Grey Rocks.

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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 12:57

  • gtop00

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I really feel so good seeing again all these nice people on the "Who's Online"

Hello everybody and thanks very much to those people who worked hard for the quick recovery.

And a message for the hackers:

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 12:59

  • davidl2

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Good to see everyone back! (And the site too! )

Re: Thank XOOPS!


gtop00 wrote:
I really feel so good seeing again all these nice people on the "Who's Online"

I feel very good about that too - but I was a little surprised to opening the site, write a short message on sf.net that it was reopened and then access the xoops.org front page and see 55 (!!) users online.

Believe me, it was a very short and very quickly written message on sf.net
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Re: Thank XOOPS!

yeah... me too.. i am happy to see all of u again...

keep xoopsing!!!

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 13:09

  • Chappy

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Whoopee! Glad its back. I thought I was going to have to get into treatment at the Betty Ford Center because I hadn't had my XOOPS fix!

Good job! Been checking about every four hours since it went down to see if it was back up again...
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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 13:20

  • Lance_

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I also had the misfortune of finding out that I'm addicted to this place. Was pulling up the site almost every hour.

Cheers to all.
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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 13:20

  • Peekay

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Nice to Xoops.org online again.

My only comment is that viewed using IE on the Mac, the right column is now being pushed out as wide as the centre column. I '*think* the Creative Commons link is causing an issue. The Creative Commons image is missing on the Mac (in Netscape and IE) and is replaced by hypertext link text. I *think* it's the unbroken link text that is breaking the column.

I haven't tested this with OSX browsers but I just thought I'd mention it as it all worked before the relaunch.
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