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  • 2005/2/11 14:31

  • corne

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I have installed xoops, with the standard forum. Is it possible to give specific groups access to specific topics?

I have for example a category GIRLS, all the forums in this categorie must be only accesible by users in the group girls..

Also is it possible that when someone signs up, they are automaticly added to a specific group depending on there gender?
(When someone signsup he must give a gender, when it's a male, than add to group male, when it's a girl add to the group girls)

Is this all possible?? And if so how can I do it??

Re: forum group access
  • 2005/2/11 14:39

  • hyperpod

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good question.

The default XOOPS install will not support this, although is is certainly possible to add some custom code for this.

You would need to add a male/female radio selection to the register.php form/app.

Then when user is added/verified, just add them to the appropriate custom group, with some custom code.


Re: forum group access
  • 2005/2/11 14:48

  • corne

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And the rights in the forum?? so far I've only found an option to add specific users, not groups...

Re: forum group access

Newbb1 doesn't have the group access options, only user. There is a hack floating around that does this. I've used it and it worked very well. "Private forum hack". Not for complete newbies though, involves some hacks.

Newbb2 on the other hand has the group access options. You could upgrade newbb1 to newbb2 and get those access rights options.



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