hack needed?
  • 2003/12/14 18:26

  • ladon

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I'm working on some changes for the news section. I've only been messing with my template but there's one thing wich i can't change from there (or thats wat I think).

Inside my template, hardly any different from default atm, I want to change the following: The table under the newsitem with the view option (thread/nest/flat) and post comment button.

I know where it is in my template, commentsnav (in news_article)

<div style="text-align: center; padding: 3px;
<!-- <{
$lang_notice}> -->

But I have no idea where it's defined. I hope someone could be so kind to tell me where to go so i can make my hack! (mayby i'm wrong and it doesn't even require a hack).

ps. Does anyone know a decent program to search within multiple .php files at once?

Re: hack needed?

What do you want to do with it?

If you want to disable the comments from showing that, then go to your news module and click on preferences, there you will see an option to disable comments.

Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/14 19:39

  • ladon

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I don't want to disable the comments. I want to only want to edit the part where a user can change commentview to threaded, nested or flat. I was thinking about deleting that entire table and relocate the "post comment" button. But I just need to know where <{$commentsnav}> is defined so i can at least make some changes.

Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/14 20:16

  • Freetime

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go to modules/system/templates/

and check:


Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/14 22:31

  • ladon

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That is not wat i'm looking for. That template is for the comments itself! (or atleast the buttons for the comments).

Does anyone know wat i'm talking about? I have no idea how else to explain it

Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/15 1:04

  • svaha

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It's defined in the file xoops-root/include/comment_view.php. When you change this it's changed sitewide.
You can also look at the template setting in admin/general preferences/templates. Before you change the default template, you must make a clone.


Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/15 7:33

  • ladon

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Ty, I actually found it there to, but the strange thing is, it seems to make up the links behind the buttons which are displayed in a comment. So mayby i was wrong about <{$commentsnav}>. Mayby I have to look somewhere else.

I don't need most of those buttons in the table (see previous posts) I only need to know how te create a new "post comment buttons, so I can place it somewhere else. Mayby someone could help me with that.

Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/15 11:26

  • chapi

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As svaha said before, this is located in /include/comments_view.php. The link for "post comment" uses an "onClick" statement on an input button I think.

Re: hack needed?
  • 2003/12/15 12:46

  • ladon

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ok, thank you for the replys, i'll take another look at comments_view.php when i'm home from work :(

Re: hack needed?
  • 2006/3/10 16:47

  • Kellymac

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Has anyone found out how to do this?


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