Can this be done for Xoops?
  • 2003/11/18 1:39

  • limecity

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I have and idea of trying to make a "LIVING" interface for xoops.

Is it possible for change the theme automatically according to a timer set? Or not just change the picture on the top page?

set according to time like morning, noon and night.
its a silly idea..forget it if its silly.

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?
  • 2003/11/18 8:06

  • chapi

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This should be possible. Create a timestamp when the site is called, compare it with the current time and then do what you want. Should be a simple if/else then in php. Look in the smarty docs how to integrate this in your theme.html as this would propably the best place for this code snippet.

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?
  • 2003/11/22 11:49

  • carnuke

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Take a look at this Php Job Scheduler
useful 'poor mans cron job'

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?
  • 2004/1/15 15:52

  • jerryj

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You guys should integrate this schedule or something simliar into the XOOPS core.

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?

Very interesting.
We're currently discussing it on the modules dev site for possible uses and integration in the core/modules, but keep the good ideas coming

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?

Here's another one.
How about multiple independent blocks configurations? Triggered by the theme perhaps with fallback to a default. The bulk of the db is common but you can switch to another layout, a step beyond changing themes.

The admin would have to be enhanced. Maybe multiple selectable Admin themes where each has a unique blocks config (clone and then edit). The current theme will select which blocks layout to use.

Then I guess you can use the timer or other trigger to dynamicaly change layouts too.

You likely don't get individual block configurations unless you make clones of blocks that need a different config in addition to placement.

Re: Can this be done for Xoops?
  • 2004/1/15 21:47

  • GadgetMn

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I like the idea. I think I cam eup with an idea similar to this a few weeks ago. I just haven't had the time to sit back and work out how to develop it. The idea was to create a personal home page module.

In admin, the webmaster chooses which blocks would be available on this page. you would also be able to decide which blocks are mandatory (push) and which are optional (pull) as well as deciding which are default.

The user, from a user side admin page would then be presented with a page similar to the System->Blocks page where they could choose the layout of their blocks. optional blocks could be turned on and off while mandatory blocks just moved from column to column.

On displaying the module homepage through, the blocks would be presented to the theme as they would normally, but based on the users choices.

I spent 18 months working with Broadvision Infoexchange which used this principle to define user configurable home pages. I'm sure this is possible through XOOPS and would be a good module to contribute. Would anyone be prepared to help me with this?




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