Library / Resource Catalog
  • 2003/9/3 4:53

  • ibzan

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I had posted this in Feature Request forum, but after thought realized it probably should be here.
In any case, I have started on a hack of the myDownloads module as it's features are pretty consistant to what I am looking for. I was wondering though where the table structure is for the main page?!? How can I change the overall layout?


Library / Resource Catalog
I been looking for a module similar to pnBooks for XOOPS 2.0 with absolutely no luck at all.
There have been some requests similar however the only answers I have seen lean toward online shopping modules which is what I am trying to avoid (I am not trying to sell anything)
I am working on a website that gives away free resources (audio, written, etc.) all of which are either public domain or with express permission from the author.
I think this could / would be extremely useful for non-profit based sites and / or organizations.

Anyone ported pnBooks to Xoops?
  • 2003/10/19 4:51

  • Gamut

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I too have been looking for a XOOPS books module like Postnuke's PNBooks (http://pn-mod-books.sourceforge.net). I tracked down MAReviews and myBooks v.2.0 and tried them out, but neither seems as adequate for my needs as pnBooks.

Apart from providing a good showcase and catalogue publications, the PNBooks module can also handle affiliate/commission program links for books. It could even be cloned for other affiliate program products like software.

Has anyone out there in XOOPS land ported PNBooks to XOOPS 2? Is anyone with decent PHP programming skills interested in helping port PNBooks to Xoops. It is mods like this that will greatly improve XOOPS functionality and appeal to website developers.

Re: Anyone ported pnBooks to Xoops?
  • 2005/1/10 17:32

  • sdmacint

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Does anyone know of a module that does this or has the PMBooks module been ported by anyone?


Re: Anyone ported pnBooks to Xoops?
  • 2005/1/10 18:16

  • Shine

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I've been trying to clone and enhance the standard wfdownloads into a nasty rewritten bookmodule. Nothing fancy but can be used as a simple library module. Although the module seems to work, unfortunately I encounter a problem which I cannot solve.
That is why I gave up and put this rewrite try aside. Nevertheless, if you are interested I am willing to upload this module to my testwebsite so you can take a look at it and see what I've done so far. (have to warn you, at this moment the language will only be in Dutch, but it will give you a impression)

Just let me know. Then I also will explain what the exact problem is.

Grtz., Shine



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